Vaudrin Academy’s Extracurricular Activities


SportsLife is a team sports program which allows young athletes to simulate the career of pro athletes! Each week, the players will get to play a different team sport and will play the span of an entire season and playoffs in one session! Team sports include: Soccer, Ball Hockey, Touch Football, Basketball, Baseball, and much more! SportsLife is held every Thursday after school during Spring and Summer.

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons take place at anytime at lunch time and after school.

Dance Club

Dance club is held every Thursday after school.


Choir club takes place on Thursday’s after school.

Chess Club

Chess club is held every Monday during lunch time and after school.

Robotics program by Engineeius

The perfect mixture of fun-learning experiences. It is a great tool to motivate children to learn math, science, and technology integrated with engineering.

Homework Club

Homework club takes place on Monday’s after school in French and on Wednesday’s after school in English.