Écolita Trilingue Becomes Vaudrin Academy

The many reasons why our parents choose to send their children to our school remain the same – a loving environment, our commitment to making sure that every person is happy, a rigorous curriculum based on each child’s rhythm, three languages, close relationships, research-based teaching methods, qualified and caring teachers, small groups, etc. Our new name and logo are a renewed affirmation of our identity as an innovative school that continually strives to light up every child’s potential in unique ways. 

As a matter of fact, if you look at our logo, you will see bubbles in different sizes and colours representing the uniqueness of every student, parent, and staff member and how we all connect beautifully in a respectful way to shape Vaudrin Academy. You will also notice the connections between each element reminding us how crucial relationships are whether they are between people, subjects, ideas, or even energy.

The colours in our logo are purposefully bright and fun. We also chose cheerful magenta as our official school colour since it represents universal harmony and balance in every aspect of life: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Magenta is also said to promote compassion, support and kindness while encouraging a sense of self-respect, appreciation, and optimism. Finally, it generates acceptance, tolerance, support, and patience. Magenta is perfect for Vaudrin Academy!

By changing our name and logo, we are reaffirming our desire to offer an environment that is at the cutting edge of the latest research of what education should be. Vaudrin Academy continues to value a humanistic and holistic approach. In other words, we are concerned about the whole child’s well-being as we support the unleashing of his/her potential. By the way, the yellow bubble on the tip of the logo represents your child shining bright!

Our new name will officially come into effect in September 2014. Meanwhile, the name Vaudrin Academy will gradually be incorporated in all documents, signs, advertising, social media, etc.

We are looking forward to sharing Vaudrin Academy’s brilliant future with you and your family.