Because Vaudrin Academy offers highly personalized attention to its students, one might think that our school caters to special needs. The fact is that we cater to every child’s needs and have the experience and expertise to do so. It just so happens that the approach we have with all our students also greatly benefits students with average or high IQs who have been unable in the past to show their potential because of anxiety or any other reason. For example, we have small classes, all students have their own iPads, we do Brain Gym® twice a day, students exercise over 2 hours per day and receive individualized work depending on their level, there is no bullying, students are encouraged to make mistakes (it’s the best way to learn), we use hands-on activities, we make sure students are HAPPY, healthy, and engaged, etc. In this type of rich environment, a child cannot help but reach his or her highest potential.

Once in a while, we see a student who is clearly intelligent, but he or she is unable to demonstrate all of his or her potential. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing these students work hard only to gain a lot less ground than their classmates with the same amount of effort.

This is where Vaudrin Academy differs from any other school worldwide. In an effort to always provide the best opportunities to all of its students, we go above and beyond the traditional methods of making accommodations or adapting the curriculum. We do not want our students to use crutches for the rest of their lives when we know in our hearts that they can walk and even run on their own. Vaudrin Academy has a strong culture ingrained in all of its staff members to ensure that we all stay on top of the research done worldwide to help any and every student succeed. It doesn’t matter where students are when they come to us, we are determined to have students reach greater heights than they could ever reach in any other school.