In October 2004, I began searching for the perfect school for my young children who were then 3 and 4 years old. I had quite a few criteria. My gifted daughter was the shy, nervous type while my very bright son was quite active and naturally needed to move. I also wanted my fluently bilingual children to be educated in English while learning all about our French mother tongue…and its many rules. Understanding the growing need to communicate in our ever-shrinking world, offering a third language also seemed a necessity.

Vaudrin Academy

As a language specialist with over 20 years of teaching experience at the elementary to advanced Cegep levels, the importance of being immersed in a language at the earliest possible age was not overlooked. In other words, the ideal school would have to include a pre-school. (My gut instinct was correct since research now confirms that learning 3 languages early on greatly diminishes the onset of dementia.) Most importantly, I absolutely needed to know that my children would be in a healthy, respectful, and stimulating environment filled with love.

Ten months later, with a permit from the Ministry of Education in my pockets, a cute little school house, a trilingual program, 12 staff members, and a very supportive family, Vaudrin Academy was born!