Vaudrin AcademyVaudrin Academy is a trilingual private elementary school for kids from 2 to 12 years of age. We focus on developing 21st Century Skills such as communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Innovative methods based on solid research in education and brain science are used to help your kids reach their full potential.

Vaudrin Academy offers a Montessori prekindergarten program for its students aged 2 to 4. Our five-year-olds then smoothly make the transition to the elementary side. Our grade 4 and grade 6 students write the English Language Arts and the français langue d’enseignement exams from the Ministry of Education. They may choose to write their math exams in English or French. Our graduates are then admitted to the high school of their choice in either English or French. Some students return overseas and are accepted by top private schools around the world.

“Certificate of Eligibility for English Instruction NOT required.”

What parents have to say:

Vaudrin Academy has a ‘homelike’ feel to it. It is our children’s ‘home away from home’!

This school is unique in every way. Small groups in each class really help the children learn, grow, and build their self-confidence.

We have peace of mind knowing that we are providing the best education for our child.

I feel my child is loved.”

What we like best about Vaudrin Academy are the personal touches from the principal all the way down to the maintenance (the principal’s father). Her desire to improve and her openness to suggestions make it all worthwhile.

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