Vaudrin Academy is a small school that develops the whole child in a multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment. Although all our grade 6 graduates are accepted to the high school of their choice (some with advanced standing or scholarships), we are not solely concerned about the child’s academic performance. Based on our conviction that children must be physically and emotionally healthy before they can fully take advantage of what is taught, each staff member strives to really get to know all our students and their unique needs. Our daily motto is “Do your best in everything you do all the time!” We encourage all students to develop their full potential so that they may become caring citizens who will use their unique talents to enthusiastically contribute to society.

Because of our small class sizes and our teachers’ qualifications and adaptability, we continuously offer all students differentiated instruction since we know that all students learn at different paces and in different ways. Contrary to popular practices, we do not give extra work to advanced students or more time to complete work to weaker students. Teachers effectively modify the curriculum to enable all students to learn and move on as soon as they are ready. By providing fluid and flexible learning activities, all children are challenged so that they are always progressing without getting discouraged.

Students who attend Vaudrin Academy also have an additional 90 hours of schooling per year compared to their public school counterparts; that’s 830 extra hours by the end of elementary school! For this reason, it is vital that children feel comfortable and at home. Vaudrin Academy was thus built based on family values. The warm, welcoming atmosphere is similar to that of a home. There is only one group per grade level so that everyone knows and respects each other in a safe and calm environment.

At Vaudrin Academy, instead of bragging about their high grades, all students are encouraged to use their strengths to help others. Therefore, we have lots of little helpers who love to share their knowledge. This is an effective technique since we learn best by teaching. In other words, if students are able to explain what they have learned, then they are pretty close to having mastered it and will more likely remember it.

Our students are provided a structure and environment that encourages them to develop into mature and decisive thinkers, have confidence in their abilities and build excellent problem-solving skills. These abilities allow our students to establish proper behaviours and build a strong learning community.

Math and Science

In math and science, all these values are exemplified and students are encouraged to bring their own ideas, thoughts, questions and contemporary world problems to our class for discussion. By observing, exploring, analyzing, experimenting, and applying mathematical concepts, students are able to discover the link between what they are learning, their lives and the environment in which we live. More specifically, in science we bring this to life with hands-on experiments, scientific tools and procedures that fuel the natural desire to explore and discover our natural world. In mathematics, we apply theory to real life constructs that demonstrate the value of understanding and using math in our daily lives.

Our science teachers have the ability to inspire students to explore and have the ability to help students understand. They are able to motivate students to strive to learn with every opportunity presented. This begins with an expertise in subject matter but also requires creativity, enthusiasm, strong classroom presence for leadership and discipline as well as caring and compassion. A learning environment should be both challenging and comforting to students!

Physical Education


Once again, Vaudrin Academy stands out with its unique Physical Education program. Because we want our students to feel special, we offer gym classes that are not traditionally taught in schools. In other words, all students from grade 1 to grade 6 take downhill skiing or snowboarding lessons with certified ski instructors during the month of February.