Innovative Arrowsmith Program® for Elementary Students
Comes to Quebec

If your child has had trouble learning or has been diagnosed with a learning disorder, Vaudrin Academy may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Learn more below about their unique Arrowsmith Program® being introduced this fall!

Do you know school-aged children who have trouble learning? You can now tell them and their parents that there is hope. Vaudrin Academy is the first and only elementary school in Quebec to offer the exclusive Arrowsmith Program® to children of average or above-average intelligence with learning difficulties.

“So many parents have come into my office crying since the school opened in 2005. They are desperate to find a solution for their kids with learning disabilities who do not seem to be getting the help they truly need,” says Michelle Vaudrin, principal and founder of Vaudrin Academy. “Students do well at our school because we have small classes, all kids have an iPad so they can work at their own pace, and we use methods based on the latest research in neuroscience. While we have created a learning environment that is the most conducive to learning, some learners still need that extra help.”

Brain Science to the Rescue of Learning Disabilities

This is where the Arrowsmith Program® comes into play. It is based on years of research in neuroscience demonstrating beyond all doubt that our brains are continually changing. Discoveries in neuroscience consistently show that by repeating certain mental tasks or activities, the brain’s structure changes—even the cells and the connections among the cells change! This is what we call neuroplasticity.

In the last 30 years, trailblazer Barbara Arrowsmith Young, the founder of Arrowsmith®, developed and refined specific exercises to tackle over 19 distinct cognitive deficits. In other words, she identified exactly which parts of the brain needed to be developed to overcome weaknesses in reading, writing, mathematics, comprehension, logical reasoning, executive function, visual memory, auditory memory, working memory, dyslexia, non-verbal learning, auditory processing, and attention. The exercises give students the ability to learn better by reinforcing specific neural pathways. For more information on the program, targeted clients, or its research, please visit

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The first Arrowsmith School® opened in 1980, but its popularity greatly increased when its founder was featured in the New York Times best-selling book, The Brain That Changes Itself. The author, Dr. Norman Doidge, psychiatrist and researcher at Colombia University, depicts Young as the leading expert in learning disabilities and neuroplastic work. The Toronto Catholic School Board also implemented the program through government funding. Today, there are about 40 Arrowsmith Programs® in schools and centers all over Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Vaudrin Academy greeted only one group of 13 primary grade students between the ages of 6 and 12 for its first cohort in September 2013. A select group of full-time students spend 3.5 hours per day following an individualized program that specifically addresses each student’s weaknesses with listening, writing, and computer-based exercises. They are in their own classroom with an Arrowsmith® trained teacher for this portion, and they spend certain periods of each day in small groups with same-aged peers in the regular stream so as not to fall behind in math, French, and English Language Arts. Students with learning disabilities who go to specialized schools only attend until they are able to go back to their regular schools. Vaudrin Academy is distinctive in that students who complete the Arrowsmith Program® will easily and gradually transition to the private school’s strong academic program while keeping their friends.

The Arrowsmith Program® is recognized by the Canadian Government and the fees paid for its services offered by schools such as Vaudrin Academy qualify as a medical expense for the purposes of the Medical Expense Tax Credit under the Income Tax Act of Canada. Even travelling costs to and from the school can be deducted.

The Certificate of Eligibility for English instruction is not required at Vaudrin Academy; therefore, non-anglophones are welcome. We recognize that changes are usually difficult for children with learning disabilities which is why students who have completed the Arrowsmith Program® can easily and gradually transition to our Vaudrin Academy’s excellent academic program while keeping their friends. There is no need to separate the whole family either because their preschool-aged to grade 6 siblings can also join Vaudrin Academy’s nurturing and bully-free environment. An initial interview is required with the family to ensure that there are no serious behavior issues and that the family values are similar to our strong values.

There are many diamonds in the rough out there that fall between the cracks. Vaudrin Academy’s mission is to uncover all children’s true potential and make all of them shine at their brightest.

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Take a look at the benefits of the Arrowsmith Program® from students and parents themselves:

“…I saw improvements in many things. First I saw in math. I use to get 60’ s on my math test, but now I get 100’s and 90’s. I also saw improvements by Chumash. First, I don’t use the English test as much as I used to. I also get better marks. I also take the test in less time than I used to…”

“…I have seen improvement in a few areas. One of the things I see improvement is math. I feel I am able to understand right away. Another thing where I see improvement is in hand writing. I am writing much neater. The last area where I see improvement is remembering things and hearing things the first time. For example, if my mother tells me to do a few things or go shopping and say things I should get, I remember! There are two areas where I would like to see more improvements – one is my spelling. I hope you have something to improve that. The other thing is the Main Ideas literature. My teacher 
usually gives us stories to read and questions to answer or an essay. I have a hard time doing this…”

“…Arrowsmith® gave me improvement in math because I do math problems a little quicker. I see improvement in reading comprehension. When I read a book and when I do reading questions in class. I see improvement in notes because I could write much better and quicker in it…”

“…I see an improvement in Akiva’ s spelling and reading. He looked at the dials on the oven a few days ago (as if seeing them for the first time) and read each one and asked how they worked! He also wrote a short composition in English class which was comprehensible enough for the teacher to read and grade with a check plus!”

Call Paula Mesa at (514) 600 4415 x 2 to schedule a school visit.