The objectives from the Québec Ministry of Education at this level are very important as a foundation to build upon and we strictly adhere to them. We strongly believe that all children should be given lots of time to play alone and in groups, to sing, to use their imagination, and to move daily. However, we felt the need to add our own distinctive program since the students are in class 27.5 hours per week. For this reason, we added Spanish classes, introduced an advanced math and science component, and developed an early reading program which can be reinforced in all three languages.

Did you know that simply knowing your ABCs and 123s is NOT an indication of future success?

In addition to teaching the regular academic subjects set out by the Ministry, Vaudrin Academy focuses on developing the life skills that will truly lead our students to happiness and success.

Ellen Galinsky, author of the popular book Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs,  used research to come up with the skills young children need to learn to fulfill their full potential. This is what we strive to foster in every child at Academy Vaudrin:

1. Focus and self-control
2. Perspective taking
3. Communicating
4 .Making connections
5 .Critical thinking
6. Taking on challenges
7. Self-directed, engaged learning

Since kindergarten is not obligatory in Quebec, the tuition fees can be used as day care fees which are tax deductible.