After being told we were relocating from San Francisco, USA to Montreal early last year due to my husband’s job we made choosing the school for our children aged 5 and 8 a priority. We visited several private schools in Montreal who were all very good. Our relocating agency told us about Vaudrin Academy and we made an appointment with Madame Vaudrin. After spending one hour with Madame Vaudrin we knew this was the school for our son and daughter. Within minutes of reviewing their previous school reports she was writing down their respective academic strengths and opportunities for improvement. Madame Vaudrin is a very unique teacher and her out of the box thinking with regards to academia has been a pleasure to witness. Through the Cellfield program our son has moved up 1-3 grades in all area’s of reading. He has struggled at times with English and especially comprehension but after attending the Cellfield program he has progressed to his grade level and has even moved onto to the next grade. This progress has been achieved within months and would have took years if it wasn’t for Madame Vaudrin recommending this program!!

Thank you so much.

Karen and Lee F.

Our decision to commute daily from Montreal to have our son attend Ecolita [Academy Vaudrin] was at first greeted with incomprehension from all corners. It was a bit of a leap of faith on our part that this distant school would be all we want it to be. But after having our son attend two years of a local public school where he was miserable, Ecolita turned out to be in fact the school of our dreams.

There are many things Ecolita does right. One of the simplest and the most powerful, in my view, is how the personnel at the school purposefully foster a meaningful bond with each child. My son truly loves his teachers and this motivates him to want to perform well.

Another thing I appreciate is how education is viewed as something more than simply academic subjects. Children are developing on every level – physical, emotional, social as well as intellectual. The teachers at Ecolita understand that children need guidance in all these things and this reflects in their approach to discipline where they teach skills in conflict resolution and self reflection. What I notice is that discipline is much more effective here than at the old school because it’s not about punishment but teaching life skills.

The result of all their attention to the specific needs of each child is active student engagement and academic excellence. My son now loves school and never complains about the commute and he even cooperates with homework. Seeing him flourish and come home excited about things he did at school is such a joy that we don’t complain about the commute either.

Sandra E.

We are very happy with Willem’s achievements since participating in the Cellfield program. English has gone from being his most difficult subject to being his best (and favorite). He is in the mid- 80s in secondary 1 Advanced English (with no accommodations for his dyslexia) and often receives perfect scores in his spelling tests. Reading has gone from difficult to something he enjoys doing.

Thanks to you for introducing this program and Miss Karen for her work with Willem.


Ellen & George K.

An exemplary school – a home away from home

Our sons have been attending Vaudrin Academy for the past 4-5 years. It provides such an ideal learning environment – our kids are safe, happy and respected; and the teachers/staff are caring and nurturing. The boys always come home from school beaming.

Our son has multiple food allergies and his safety is our top priority. We rest assured that the staff and teachers make it theirs too. It makes a real difference when everyone knows everybody.

G. P.

Vaudrin Academy…The Best Teachers !!

This wonderful little school has the most amazing teachers. They have a passion for teaching and encouraging students. They love and care for the children as their own. The atmosphere is always happy and pleasant. Their positive attitude reflects on the children and in everything they do. My boys are happy to call Vaudrin Academy their school.

Mrs. M.

Small School, Big Heart

Teaching at Vaudrin Academy has been and continues to be a valuable, enriching experience. I am grateful for the wonderful team of teachers that I work with, and in the freedom I have to create a rich and creative program for my students. The small size of the school allows us to be truly aware of the individual needs of every student. That in itself is priceless!


Very pleased with Vaudrin Academy

It is our fifth year at Vaudrin Academy. My daughter absolutely loves attending school each and every day. There is no better feeling for a parent than to watch their child love to learn. That is what is so special about Vaudrin Academy. It is a close-knit environment and the children feel that. I would strongly recommend any parent to consider Vaudrin Academy as their school of choice!


Vaudrin Academy – a very special school

Vaudrin Academy is a school where one feels that the values are those of the heart. It is not an institution, but a place of learning in the higher sense of the word. Warmth and caring pervade the environment. Thank you Vaudrin Academy for permitting me to a part of such a positive experience, and I will be pleased to continue teaching chess to your students. Gracias!

My child’s home away from home!!!

As a former educator with a progressive philosophy, finding a suitable school for my child was no easy task…Vaudrin Academy is an incredibly warm and inviting school with a home away from home ambiance! Their unique, child centered approach, instills a love and passion for learning. My daughter leaves for school each day, with extreme enthusiasm and a GIANT smile!!

Robin B.

Caring Environment

Not only outstanding academic work, but the care by personnel behind the scene is what’s making it all happen. And that is, what Vaudrin Academy is all about.

Silavano M.

A school like home!

Did you ever experience your 8 year-old kid coming home from school and talking to you in 3 languages?
Did you ever experience your 8 year-oldold kid not wanting to come home from school because he/she feels like he/she’s already there?
So its time for you to choose Vaudrin Academy because every child is unique and the staff at Vaudrin Academy will take care of your little one as their own.

Because of Vaudrin Academy’s positive attitude and motivating way to teach, your child will come home with a bright smile saying: ”Hola Mama! I’m really good at Maths…..est-ce que tu veux voir ça?”
So does my daughter! She loves the school!
It’s her ”other” family!
Thank you Vaudrin Academy for making Kathelijne feel at home : )