From the filtered water system, to daily BOKs exercises, to the growth mindset, to visualizing themselves succeeding in any environment, students are given a lot more than the curriculum outlined in the Quebec Education Program. They leave with the strength, confidence, and tools to succeed and be happy in life!

To better serve our bright students who have certain blockages when it comes to learning, Vaudrin Academy offers a variety of programs and tools at an extra cost.

For people who do not attend Vaudrin Academy, certain programs are offered after school hours or during the summer.

For more information, visit to our program section.

Arrowsmith Program® a neuroscientific program to enhance cognitive functions

Cellfield Program® to improve reading.

Tomatis® Method: sensorineural auditory stimulation to improve brain function amongst many things.

Forbrain ® a technology that enhances language and learning by using your own voice.

There are many diamonds in the rough out there that fall between the cracks.
It is a school’s responsibility to uncover their true potential
and make all of them shine their brightest.
-Michelle Vaudrin